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Saturday, February 07, 2009

"economy of people not of factories."

Thanks to Linda for supplying the link. It`s a good read, well worth considering the message in its entirely.


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's speech at the opening ceremony of the World Economic Forum in Davos
Switzerland. Jan. 28, 2009
"The current situation is often compared to the Great Depression of the late 1920s and the early 1930s. True, there are some similarities.However, there are also some basic differences."

In the 30`s people were out of cash and so couldn`t spend, today we`re out of credit and can`t spend. Similarities and differences all wrapped into one.

"I believe that the 21st century economy is an economy of people not of factories."

A 25th century global transportation system is for the people, I`ve always read Mr. Putin at face value which is what he is saying nations now need to do.

"Therefore, finding this mutual trust is a key goal we should concentrate on now."

While I certainly agree I`ve put together comprehensive guidelines on financing and revenue of a global individual vehicle maglev.,,, just to enhance not only the trust factor between nations but the people and nations in this time of a global trust deficit.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Not the first time the people have run out of bread

Let them eat cake has morphed into don`t worry be happy, how far we`ve come.

The old global commerce system of cash and carry has morphed into todays borrow and buy.

The French revolution, the Great Depression and now, have a common thread, a lack of spending ability by the people. The great Depression lacked cash to buy while today lacks the credit to borrow and buy.
Not only has todays consumer over borrowed but global market wealth to the top consumers is evaporating.
It took a tax funded war to pull economies out of the trench in the 30`s so it seems very unreasonable to consider even the Obama $1T stimulus as more than a box of bandaids. Certainly it will slow down decent but unlikely to cause any assent until things turn globally. This is unlikely without WW3 increasing industrial production.

Muhammad Yunus, "We will create a new normalcy which will stay and keep on moving and change the world."

I would hope you try to find flaw in the foregoing then consider what needs to be done to turn the global economy around. Increasing industrial output, putting people back to work while creating new consumers through expanding industries. The current globalism model of expanding industry was based on global consumer consumption, now in retreat. A global maglev would create the demand to restart industry while creating new industry and consumers, on a very long term basis.
What if?
If you`re there try, why not?

Sunday, February 01, 2009



No answer at Davos forum to global meltdownSunday February 1, 8:06 am ET
Cautioning that the G20 wouldn't be able to solve all the issues, Schwab announced that in a few weeks the forum would start a "Global Redesign Initiative" which he said was supported by almost every world leader who attended this year's forum