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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

January 01, 2008

January 01 2008

What seems to be the problem? If the funds, resources and people that are wasted in war are put towards these programs it wouldn`t be long before greater challenges would be needed.
What was it again that makes humans the dominant species? oh ya, the ability to reason.

February 18 2008

Posted to Garth Turner, Liberal MP


It`s time for my election rant, just to help you with your vote. Besides Molly did say she wanted the sans sugar coated version. I will only do the one even if there`s no election till next year as what I`m about to say will be only too painfully clear by next year. There won`t be any need after that because the two paths are clear and the options list to date contains only one item.
The first path starts with the next generation as they start off on a two decade long entrenchment of retreat for the global economy.
The demand for raw resources has reached the bubble stage with little opportunity to maintain current prices. Our economic future is on very thin ice. With todays currency rates China and the US, even with Nafta, will have the global trading advantage over corporate Canada further reducing our manufacturing jobs. To date there is no hard data that suggest the downward trend of US currency has reached its conclusion increasing US global completeness over ours. Russia will need to produce cheaper lumber which puts our forestry industry down for a very long time.
During the slowing economic times health care costs will quadruple. Crime will continue to escalate, and to top it all off they will be outnumbered by seniors. That is the first path and if you don`t believe the world can cope with decades of global economic uncertainty and strife then increasing global conflict is the path you`re on. The $12T in cash accounts desperately looking for an investment will turn to the old standby, war. I said that last year and over the last 12 moths there`s been a noticeable global buildup of arms. You have to wonder why Obama will abandon the position of America as the shield to the free world if it wasn`t to bring the troops home to defend American soil. Even Cdn companies knew reinvestment in Canada is a poor bet long in advance of the current dollar parity, smart money always knows these things. Do you really believe politicians don`t know long in advance that war is inevitable as the global economy slows. Well if they don`t you can bet your bomb shelter the smart money does and bullets are a prime investment.
The only option on the table to avert both a global economic slowdown and ensuing strife is at this blog at which place I`ll be posting it as the last entry. I see no need to go into the details of how we got to this point as the truth that we are here takes precedent.


Be brave.