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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Scoop, the Poop, the Final Word

Politicians are always focused on the next election, lol, the secret is out.

The solution to overspending is creating new or better consumers through jobs, not debt.

Politicians give us record low extended interest rates to promote growth with debt. Gets more votes than austerity and enough without exposing the flank with an economic plan.

No surprises so far with the exception of the banksters. The current debt levels were created by them under the full view of the politicians and now the people. The surprise is why the banksters avoid atoning for their sins when they too could be heroes without concern for political optics.
Feeding the worlds hungry by showing how easy it would be to redirect .1% of the global economy at the least, the global benefits are enormous, if not at least a mention of a global transportation makeover with an IVML.
Politicians are transparent enough for everyone to see the next election is the goal but the banksters? I would think atoning for their sins rather than ignoring the plight they put the world in seems totally insensitive if not downright nasty and mean.

The final word comes now even though the media seems to think Canada is doing great when we lot another 17,000 manufacturing jobs while we grew government and lawn care specialist by 40,000.

I see not point in repeating what I've been saying, we all know the world needs jobs.

The plan is mag lev or WW3, odd I'm not in a rush to see what the final decision will be>

Happy Camping Canada.

I voted none of the above