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Sunday, May 11, 2008

GW Realities

The latest release of data clearly and unequivocally shows we are warming globally even though this year the Antarctic ice sheets are at a 30 year high and our cooler La Nina winter.
The list of causes of GHG goes way beyond a Cdn carbon tax or even international carbon credits.
As noted the BC Pine Beetle infestation that is spreading east puts more CO2 in the air than all the cars in Canada.
The tundra has enough trapped methane to equal 10 times the amount of CO2 put out by all the cars on the planet.
Rain forest around the world are shrinking releasing even more CO2.
Developing countries have shown no intention to stop increasing GHG levels with promises of a car in every garage. One suggestion is for developed countries to convert to a green economy which overall will have little effect compared to the list above. Besides no one has answered the question as to who it would be marketed to, consumers are far too far in debt to switch over in any numbers large enough to make any difference in the least.

I think it`s time everyone that`s interested in doing something other than nattering about climate change take a minute to scan my blog and if you have an alternate please give it to us.

You`ll note consumer spending in March was fueled by debt. It appears that the consumer maxed out debt causing a drop in sales for April. These numbers do not suggest a green economy can be built of the backs of the consumer.
A mag lift transportation system will not require increased spending by the consumer, only redirecting the current spending.


Consumer borrowing unexpectedly surges in March
Wednesday May 7, 5:09 pm ET
The increase in consumer debt totaled $15.3 billion at an annual rate in March, much bigger than the $6 billion increase that economists had been expecting.


Wall Street looks to US consumers for directionSunday May 11, 5:18 pm ET
Economists surveyed by Thomson Financial/IFR estimated, on average, that sales dipped by 0.1 percent last month after growing by 0.2 percent in March


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