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Friday, February 04, 2011

Going west to make my fortune.

It's been an interested time writing here and other places. Interesting but certainly not productive. I've an opportunity to move on to more personal affairs, a life to live. Other than a few curious bets on cu I really don't see things turned around on leadership politics being what they are.

Be a shame to let it go to WW3 as the future needs more boots on capable people, not less.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fakes lakes and failed plans.


G20 agrees on new approach to fight global poverty
Bill Curry and Kevin Carmichael
Seoul— Globe and Mail Update
Published Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010

The focus of the rich world’s efforts will shift to creating private-sector jobs and away from traditional foreign aid.
The declaration is the pride of the G20’s South Korean hosts, who view themselves as a model for poor countries to follow.

The new plan is to create an internal economy in undeveloped countries by following Korea in building export industries. Hello, that's what's currently failing, the currency wars are only a symptom.

Financing factories in undeveloped counties smacks of cheaper labor taking an advantage of the growing middle class in developing countries, now the developed countries consumers are tapped out and facing massive public and private debt.

Solve the poverty program by creating multi-national sweat shops in the poorest of countries, how generous of our world leaders moving people from the outhouse to the sweat shops to grow (save) the global economy.

Of the 3 billion people living on the edge of poverty a billion are hungry. Solving world poverty starts there. We can feed all the hungry by diverting .01% of global digital transactions to a central organization responsible for global food purchases for stockpiling.
Would you really mind an extra 10 cents on a $100 meal or a ten bucks on a two week vacation, to feed all the hungry? As a bonus it would create a 10% in prices based on demand, opening the door to eliminate the $400B in agricultural subsides, ya, out of your tax dollars.

It's really time the G-20 looked in a mag lev system to eliminate poverty globally.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Jobs for generations.

Some comments released from the G-20 on growth in developing countries along with further discussion seized on currency manipulation has a few worrisome issues about whether the jobs issue can be solved by global growth based on developing growth.

Creating growth global will not come from developing growth as evident by the need for continuing stimulus in developed countries. While the export data out of Germany puts them in an enviable position the larger picture on developed growth is still dismal globally.

Not withstanding any value in commodity hedging the developed world is buckling under the pressure of exports from developing countries. The next global crisis could very well be a number of developing countries marginalized by a very few models flexible enough to stay out of trouble.

Even if there was success after what all call a prolonged period of unemployment this path leads to more than a generational issue.

We need jobs globally, not just developing countries and not just developed countries.

We need jobs that won't compete from country to country meaning every project must be in house. We need jobs that won't require extra consumer spending but less by transferring current expenditures.

We need jobs that will come from the trillions sitting in cash accounts looking for a viable long term investment.

We need jobs in developing countries that switch product demand from their current export development strategy to internal demand.

Peak oil, global warming, negative gridlock productivity and even parking space puts the writing on the wall, the car as we know it is sun setting.

If we were to start now we could create enough jobs in a fraction of the time of the current globalization plan target.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

G-20 currency wars

G-20 looks to be tied up with currency he said she said. Another disappointment, discussing how to balance global currencies to prohibit some countries from standing on top of others while we all sink into the tar pit.
Feeding the worlds hungry, apparently, is considered quixotic. So be it but how about generating an increase in every countries economy to the point where the G-20 can try and balance rising currencies to give purchasing power rather than sinking it for exports.
Perhaps if I mentioned once again creating more jobs than workers with a 0 pollution mag lift individual vehicle transportation system to replace growing paved ways.

Does one have to be a high ranked politician?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Scoop, the Poop, the Final Word

Politicians are always focused on the next election, lol, the secret is out.

The solution to overspending is creating new or better consumers through jobs, not debt.

Politicians give us record low extended interest rates to promote growth with debt. Gets more votes than austerity and enough without exposing the flank with an economic plan.

No surprises so far with the exception of the banksters. The current debt levels were created by them under the full view of the politicians and now the people. The surprise is why the banksters avoid atoning for their sins when they too could be heroes without concern for political optics.
Feeding the worlds hungry by showing how easy it would be to redirect .1% of the global economy at the least, the global benefits are enormous, if not at least a mention of a global transportation makeover with an IVML.
Politicians are transparent enough for everyone to see the next election is the goal but the banksters? I would think atoning for their sins rather than ignoring the plight they put the world in seems totally insensitive if not downright nasty and mean.

The final word comes now even though the media seems to think Canada is doing great when we lot another 17,000 manufacturing jobs while we grew government and lawn care specialist by 40,000.

I see not point in repeating what I've been saying, we all know the world needs jobs.

The plan is mag lev or WW3, odd I'm not in a rush to see what the final decision will be>

Happy Camping Canada.

I voted none of the above

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The could have been heroes.

June 28, 2010
July 5, 2009,
Bruce Bartlett misstates the problem
The problem is that the Obama administration was much too optimistic about how quickly stimulus spending would affect the economy.
Krugman "Um, that’s totally false."
58. July 6, 2009 11:03 am
Spending more to cure an over spending problem has a historical success rate of 0.
The result of more stimulus will have an even more pronounced affect on driving down the dollar.
The adverse affect of a devalued dollar on the core of the US economy, consumer spending, isn`t creating jobs. Time for a new plan.
12 months later,,,
Spending more to cure an overspending problem is not an economic plan.
Stimulus is spending borrowed money on stuff you wouldn't buy when you had the cash.
12 months later and still no sign of the [promised stimulus created private sector investment, could be its time for a new plan or better late than never.
12 months later and still no plan to spur business confidence and the resulting jobs.
Meanwhile the media high jacked the G-20 with none stop coverage of a handful of "thugs" but are really just vandals.
Well done, no questions as to why it took a billion dollars to carry out a mass arrest.
No coverage on what the peaceful protestors proposed, the Robin Hood Tax.
The G-20 did nothing but admit stimulus was a bad idea and how to pass on "restoring public finances" to future generations.
The could have been heroes with a simple mention of the RHT and given business the direction and rules to start creating wealth.
The could have been heroes.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Mag Lev Individual Vehicle Transportation System

John Beddington, the chief scientific adviser to the British government.
"Science grows and improves in the light of criticism. There is a fundamental uncertainty about climate change prediction that can't be changed." In his view, it's time to stop circling the wagons and throw open the doors.
Back to the facts. We have increased CO2 emissions which is having serious effects.
The ozone layers.
Methane from natural sources such as termites and the Canadian pine beetle that emits as much GHG as all the cars in Canada will continue to shape our environment.
The higher levels of CO2 precipitate increasing acidity of the oceans which in my opinion should be the focal point of global CO2 emissions.
The damage to our environment and to the general population is predicted through reliable data to add a heavy burden to health care costs. Pollution to should the focal point for individual countries while the global community focuses on our largest natural resource, the worlds oceans.
I refer everyone to previous posts on a gridlock free high speed (300k +) individual vehicle transportation system with a viable long term investment for the trillions sitting in cash accounts. Creating more jobs than workers is what the global economy needs and a global transportation makeover to a 0 pollution system is what the environment needs.
People don`t want to give up their personal transportation for last centuries bulk cargo trains even if the do manage 200mph safely.
There will be no extra burden to tax payers as the business model I have adapted will create secure long term investments for decades/generations to come.
There will be no extra burden on consumers as the energy costs of the current system will simply shift over to an equivalent toll.
There will be no loss to the current energy supplies as only the form of delivery will change.
Mag Lev Individual Vehicle Transportation System.
0 pollution

out of the gate

Saturday, October 20, 2007
Feeding The Worlds Hungry
"Current global agriculture subsides run at close to $400b/year"
"If a 10th of 1% of the global economy were diverted to buy food prices for global producers would strengthen to the point where subsidies would no longer be necessary. Most global transactions pass through an institution. Each institution retains and diverts .1% of every transaction"
Feb. 06, 2010
Tobin tax
as a number of people have noted, it would raise enough money to lift the world's billion poorest people out of absolute poverty